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November 3, 2021
Robert Barnard-Weston


Imagine the scene: it’s late evening and the kids are upstairs, asleep in bed; you’re enjoying your favourite comedy on Netflix when suddenly there’s a loud knocking and shouting at the front door. You answer the door and a terrified neighbour splutters: ‘Your house is on fire – you need to evacuate, NOW!’

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November 3, 2021
Robert Barnard-Weston

We Had Corporate Responsibility Upside-Down

Some of today’s most successful corporate responsibility programmes are being carried out by those who were late to the party. There is a simple reason for this: having observed the mistakes of the earlier adopters, some late starters have figured out how to make so-called sustainability programmes sustainable in every sense.

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November 1, 2021
Robert Barnard-Weston

What is ESG?

There have been so many names for ESG. Back in the 1980s there were almost none. Then the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ suddenly became adopted as the generic term. Trouble was, people mostly debated who was responsible and, when all’s said and done, there was a lot more said than done. 

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Small changes have a big impact

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”
Anita Roddick – friend, fiery frontrunner, and founder of Body Shop International

It’s time for action

The time for only talking about sustainability, climate change and ESG is over.
Today, we must DO.
Action requires that we establish precisely where we are and where we want - and don’t want - to be.
Then we must measure our progress forward.

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Of new investors say ESG is a factor


Growth in sustainable investments by 2023


More likely to sell to clients with a high ESG score


Growth expected in ESG ETFs in the next decade

 “Communication is the lifeblood of democracy, civilization, and creative evolution. Without a rich flow of communication in these times of great trauma and transition, we will perish. The climate crisis is a communication crisis.

” Duane Elgin – Author of “Choosing Earth” 

ESG disciplines


Where are you now?

You can’t begin a journey towards a destination if you don’t know where you’re starting from.
We help you precisely establish your current reality. 

Where would you like to be?

We help you to determine where you want to go and establish a road map for getting there. Landmarks, provisions, celebrations and treats along the way…

Whom do you wish to bring along?

Those who share your journey make it so much more rewarding. We help you engage employees, customers, investors, media, competitors, even former critics.

Whom can you help?

When you’ve begun making real, measured progress, you can reach back and help to guide others, becoming thought and ESG action leaders in your field.


We believe that deep knowledge and experience in three key areas are vital to success in this mission: sustainability, communications and entrepreneurial application.
The three founders of Transform ESG bring over eighty years’ experience in these critical fields.

ESG Clients Include

Ford, Asda, National Grid, Hewlett Packard, NatWest Barclays, Toyota, BP, DHL, Scottish Power, Microsoft, Unilever, OECD, DfID, DTI, DEFRA, DCSF, RSA,
Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply,
New Academy of Business,
The Ugandan Government, Sustrans/National Cycle Network, WWF, Survival International,
The Soil Association, NHS, National Grid

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